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Vendeur à l'honneur
Khadija Kabbaj attended the School of Fine Arts at the Campden Art Center in London and the Central School of Fashion from 1983 to 1986. Her first solo exhibition took place in Casablanca in 1997. She curated the exhibition Métamorphose at the artistic and cultural centre Les abattoirs in Casablanca in 2009. She lives and works in Casablanca. Known as a designer and visual artist, for those who know her a little better, Khadija Kabbaj does not devote herself solely to her personal creations. For the past ten years, she has been organising events around design and applied art. Her work is conceived as research in movement, her creations often refer to symbolic objects that belong to our collective memory. She works on the initial form to assign it a new function, like her "sugar loaf" vases or "tbeq" tables. She is also interested in repositioning local natural materials. Thus rush, usually used in the manufacture of small craft objects, can find a new lease of life in modern furniture. Her experience over the years has led her to work more and more on participatory projects in both rural and urban areas. From meetings, creative workshops, reflections and common desires, she works in a collective dynamic around the question of living together. The expression of this will is affirmed in her project "Hadiqat Ennass" dedicated to the development of urban space as a living space as well as to the enhancement of "citizen know-how".


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