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Vendeur à l'honneur
It is the emblematic Moroccan zellige revisited by Zineb Benben in her universe borrowed from her personality but also, sometimes in collaboration with renowned artists or designers. Behind Zelart there is a woman, Zineb Bennani alias Zineb Benben, a talented artist with a career rich in passion and creativity. Zineb Benben, Casablanca by birth but Tangier by heart, has more than one string to her bow. From floral designer she became the creator of a children's clothing brand, Wak Wak Studio, to finally devote herself to art, her passion. This new adventure will begin with a painting exhibition in the prestigious Kent gallery in Tangier. In parallel the idea of Zelart takes shape and Zineb decides to revisit the Moroccan zellige, this ancestral material to divert it from its original function and make a beautiful contemporary painting. Her creations are in her image, elegant, refined, sparkling and unusual.


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