I have filed a form : is my personal data communicated?

Yes but only to the manufactures to whom you have contacted and the partners of www.chic-intemporel.com if you have authorised it.

I did not find the product I was looking for, can you help me find it ?

Yes, tell us by e mail at contact@chic-intemporel.com the product you are looking for, we will be pleased to help you find it.

Can I change the shipping address ?

Yes but before paying your order.

The product I want is not in stock : can you make it ?

Yes we can certainly launch a production or offer you a similar product: please send us an email by specifying your request to the following address: contact@chic-intemporel.com.

I still have not received my order. What to do ?

Contact us by e mail to the following address: contact@chic-intemporel.com by indicating your order number. We follow the position of the parcel and we will be able to give you an immediate answer.

Can I exchange my product if it does not suit me ?

The cosmetic product I bought does not suit me, can I exchange it ?

The cosmetic products are non exchangeable and non refundable.

The local product (alimentary) I bought does not suite me can I exchange it ?

The local products (alimentary) are non exchangeable and non refundable.

For other products you have 14 days to exchange it, provided that it is returned in its original packaging, is not damaged and has not been used.

Return costs are your responsibility.

What are the payment methods ?

-By credit card : you are then redirected to our ultra secure payment tool Naps

-With the gift card Chic-Intemporel : just enter your gift code as if it were a promo code.

-By bank transfer : contact us at : contact@chic-intemporel.com so we can send us our RIB.

Our website does not allow payments in instalments.

Is my payment secure ? 

Your bank information is never in our possession. Transactions are entirely processed by the ultra-secure payment tool NAPS according to international standards (used by many e-shops and marketplaces in Morocco such as ...).



How to offer a Chic-intemporel gift card ?

To offer a Chic-intemporel gift card, you have to purchase it on the website www.chic-intemporel.com. Several amounts are available. You will receive by e mail the gift card, according to the amount selected : it includes a unique personal code credited with the amount chosen.


How to use my gift card ?

To use the gift card, just enter the card code in the “promo code” section.

How to do if the amount of the order exceeds the amount of my gift card ?

If the amount of the purchase exceeds the one on your gift card, simply pay the difference by card.

What are the delivery methods ?

The designers, cooperatives and craftsmen present on the market place use chronopost, chronopost eco route, the Post Office, Fédex, DHL, to dispatch your purchases. Chronopost Eco Route serves all European countries by road.

What are the delivery times ?

They are variables : it depends on the delivery method and the manufacturing time of the product if the purchased product is made on order. You are informed of the delivery time at each order. The product sheet also indicated the delivery time.


Need help during the order :

-The item that I received is not the one I ordered :

If you received a different item from the one you ordered, please contact us at the following address : contact@chic-intemporel.com, we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

-To validate my order I need your help :

Save your basket and send us an e mail at the following address : contact@chic-intemporel.com, we will process your request first.

-My payment by card won’t get through, what should I do ?

Several factors can be at the origin of this problem, to help you finalise your order we invite you to save your basket and to contact use at the following address :  contact@chic-intemporel.com, we will process your request first.

-I cannot create my account with my address. Why ?

There can be several reasons to that :

-We cannot deliver to your country.

-An error had occurred during the entry, in this case, an error message informs you of the entry field in which the problem occurs.

-There is a problem on our website. In this case, try again later. If the problem persists send us an e mail at the following address : contact@chic-intemporel.com

-Which change rate is applied on the product applied on Chic-intemporel ?

The prices of the items are set in five currencies and are calculated according to the exchange rates applicable at the time of your order.

My current order :

-Do I have the possibility to find the details of my orders and follow them live ?

To follow your orders, simply go to your customer account, identify yourself then go the section “orders” you can now access your current orders, the list of your previous orders and your refunds.

-I have not received an acknowledgment of my order, how can I be sure it has been registered?

As soon as you have confirmed your order and proceed to payment you will receive a confirmation e mail.

However an error in your e-mail address prevents the proper distribution of our shipment.

To make sure that your order has been registered simply click on “follow my orders” and verify if your items appear in the section “processing items”.

If your order has not been registered, we invite you to renew it.

Fraudulent e mails :

If you receive a suspicious e-mail which does not seem to come from our account, please let us know by sending an e-mail to our address: contact@chic-intemporel.com

We take "pishing" attempts very seriously and if we are unfortunately unable to prevent these emails from being sent, we will do our best to help you protect your system.