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Rugs with a studied design

They come to us from the 4 corners of Morocco and each one has its own particularity. Their design is by no means the result of chance and we like to know that they all tell a story. The carpets of these cooperatives are unique pieces, of a great quality and having them in our interior makes us vibrate their timelessness.

Carpets from fair trade

Our selected carpets are eco-responsible and some have even been created from recycled raw materials. This is notably the case for the Boucherouite carpets which are created with scraps of assembled fabrics. The latter can come from textile factories in large cities or the surrounding area and are also sometimes remnants of manufacturing intended for export.

The vast majority of carpets in Morocco come from remote rural areas, sometimes this is the only possible source of income. The manufacture and marketing of the carpets that Chic Intemporel proposes allow many families of these regions to live from their activity. The mastery of this art, since it is an art which it is about, required a great expertise and sometimes many generations have practiced it to reach this level of excellence.