About AMA Design

Country of origin Maroc Maroc
Morocco is rich in traditions. AMA Design creates and designs stylish clothes and accessories, inspired by our Culture and our moroccan colors while remaining modern. AMA Design , through each of her realizations, wanted to share with you part of this wealth.
It’s founder Aida Mechiche Alami always was sensitive to the deprived and wanted them to participate in the making of each of her creations, especially because they have inherited from their parents the true know how  manual and traditional artisan work. Aida is very demanding and watches closely the quality of raw materials and the manufacturing of her articles.
The colors and materials are chosen meticulously. Creativity is always present in order for the refinement and wealth of the moroccan craft to stand out. Each piece that you will wear is unique and handmade. It is made with love and care.


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