Country of origin Maroc Maroc

A true center of craftsmanship, the village of Tamesloht saw in 2009 the birth of Art Tissage Tam. The cooperative is specialized in traditional handmade weaving. Its flagship products are foutas, bathmats, plaid and blankets. These products are produced from natural premium quality threads. An activity which contributes to the dynamism of the municipality of Tamesloht. The team of women is dedicated to sewing products such as braiding fringes of towels, embroidery of rugs, stole crochet and pompons with meticulous finishing touches. It is possible to personalized products according to your desire: towels embroidered with your initials, creation of patterns and original designs. Women of this cooperative have the choice to work from home or in one the workshops of the cooperative.


Art Tissage Tam relies on the know-how and the experience of about forty artisans. Every one of them has been trained to weaving from an early age. The work of men is dedicated to loom. Amongst them, young apprentices are trained to new techniques of weaving, “Save the work of a weaver of Tamesloht”. • Defend an artisan of quality and pay tribute to the artisans of the village. • Train young weavers to new techniques of weaving. • Use raw natural materials or materials issued from sustainable agriculture such as organic cotton, sheep’s wool, vegetable silk. • Innovate and create new products which combines Moroccan tradition and modernity. • To adapt to your needs and answer your personalized requests. 


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