Country of origin Maroc Maroc

The story of Jerraflore goes back to 2001 when Khadija Kabbaj, a moroccan pharmacist decided to launch her wellbeing brand. Inspired by the traditional herbal tea recipes of her mother, Khadija created Jerraflore to share her legacy and her passion for the natural products of Morocco and spread it all over the world. 

Fifteen years later, with a wide range of traditional and natural product, Jerraflore is still recognized for its quality and authenticity that made her famous in Morocco and all over the world. Jerraflore has became a true art of living and imposed its own “Jerra-way-of-life”. 

In a world in perpetual movement, where it is sometimes difficult to find time to relax, Jerraflore invites you for a break and a moment for yourself. 

Enjoyable, refined, modern and healthy, the Jerra-way-of-life is declined in massage oils, beauty products, hammam and spa products and gourmet food. 


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