Country of origin Maroc Maroc

Coming from London, the designer Catherine Chauveau is Moroccan in the heart since 30 years.

Passionated by the Arts, the pearls of the world and jewellery, her brand Akalia by K creates and manufactures Haute-Fantaisie jewellery of a style chic, artistic, a tad bohemian and specialised in beading.

Her creations, in seasonal ranges tells you about pearls that embellish: Murano, bohemian crystals, Swarovski, natural stones, cultured pearls… oriental trimmings..etc…which are assembled on silk, steel wires and chains, brass, copper, 18 karat gold filled gold…

Those are jewellery-emotion and personal stories, customisable to wish, to offer or to treat yourself !

Akalia By K, a brand born in Casablanca, designed by Catherine CHAUVEAU.  


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